Make the Right Choice

“The greatest leaders…cared as much about values as victory, as much about purpose as profit; as much about being useful as being successful. Their drive and stamina are ultimately internal, rising from somewhere deep inside.”  — Jim Collins, Great by Choice

I quote Joel Osteen often. His positive message isn’t as syrupy or condemning as other TV preachers. “Success is a choice, not an accident.” He’s right, of course. We are helpless (hopeless) victims of fickle economic storms, horrendous luck or vicious competition. Those are realities in our business and lives (they impact, impair our pathways), but our response (reaction) to them makes the big difference between thriving and surviving. It says a lot too about our personal self-beliefs, and our embracement of the CBC system. Each of us, big, small, rural or citified, can CHOOSE how we deal with uncertainties and adversities. We can choose to reject opportunity when it stares us right in the face! We can embrace or avoid change. To persist and win…or to whine and wither away – it’s my choice. It is your choice too.

Great by choice? Success is not always about how innovative you are or taking risks; it’s more about being empirical (basing decisions on observation and experiment) and being mightily disciplined. Relying on evidence over gut instinct. Preferring consistent, steady gains over blow-out winnings. It’s about mastering the basics; keeping a steady pace, staying true to your original plan, and being measured (methodical) with changes or adjustments. Thinking through decisions instead of instantly jumping into action. Being prepared for every possible scenario that might come your way and sticking to the plan when that scenario arises. It’s about fostering healthy (noble) ambition through fantastic discipline, empirical creativity, and productive paranoia. In a forever changing market, uncertainty and chaos are always around the corner. How do you plan to conquer or contain it? Will you be great by choice?

A new real estate market awaits you and me. Somber, sobering, stormy, even scary! You can retreat from it or attack it with gusto and verve! Claiming new or previously occupied but abandoned territory. It’s yet another choice. To lead or meekly follow along? To honker down or seize the day? 

Make the right choice!

Written by Marty Rueter