Start off the Year Totally Dissatisfied!


“Failure us not a single, cataclysmic event. You don’t fail overnight. Instead, failure is a few errors in judgment, repeated every day.”

                                    ~ Jim Rohn

If you want to change something in your life (quit smoking, lose weight, fearlessly prospect, etc.), you have to be so dissatisfied (miserable, bummed-out) with the way things are now, that you are finally ready for bold action. Wanting something is not enough; you must want it so badly that you’re willing to take drastic steps to change. Bad habits are hard to break. But unhealthy, destructive behaviors keep you away from the life you desire and deserve. Here’s how to eliminate those bad habits:

1. Monitor the habit for a week. Note when you’re likely to engage in the bad habit. Maybe you only smoke around certain friends. Maybe you bite your nails when stressed or bored.

2. Discover why? Your habit is satisfying some need. Figuring out the seemingly beneficial aspects of your habit will help you understand it. Once you understand it, you can begin to change it.

3. Develop a substitute habit. Find a more acceptable alternative that satisfies the same need met by the old habit. Exercise? Deep breathing? Meditating? Watching a comedy? Calling a friend? What could you do instead that isn’t harmful for you? Start substituting the new habit for the old one.

4. Measure your progress. Keep track of how many times you engage in the old habit, and how often you engage in the new habit. Progress can be difficult if you don’t know whether you’re moving forward or backward.

5. Take one step at a time. Perfection is unreasonable. Don’t be upset (or give up) when the inevitable slip occurs while breaking the old habit. Examine the situation dispassionately and determine the better solution for next time. You still gain a lot by decreasing the frequency of the old habit.


• Get up early. Plan you day, then pursue it. Spend half of your time calling potential sellers. Make 100 calls a week. Send 250 mailers each month. The rest should be spent managing your leads, listings, and pending sales.

• Set aside an hour each week to learn something new about the business.

• Always use Metro Brokers’ proprietary tools to differentiate yourself from the competition.

• Quit skipping steps. Inspect properties before you price them. Consult with potential buyers or tenants before showing them properties. Spend more time in front of people than a computer screen or smartphone.